What are the Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support to Buy in 2021

Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support Because of the nature and intensity of basketball, players are often injured. Basketball requires you to make quick landings and move in multiple directions. Your feet also have to be strong. Athletes need the best basketball shoes to support their ankles 2021 in order to avoid ankle sprains. While there are no protections against twisting or slipping of the ankles, you can reduce the chance of injury by wearing good ankle support shoes.

Basketball requires a lot more jumping so the ankles are constantly under stress. It’s common for an opponent to touch your toe, and you to rebound and land on the ground with your ankles. Even if you have strong ankles, risky movements can cause injury. Ankle support basketball shoes can increase stability and protect against injuries.

Here’s a quick guide on how to purchase the Best Outdoor Basketball 

Notice:  Most people believe that high-top shoes offer ankle support. After consulting with professional athletes and testing, however, we found that low-top shoes provide better support. Best basketball shoes They also offer good ankle support. Stabilizing your ankles, they provide the perfect landing position.

You will get a bad ankle strain (or worse, an ankle fracture) if you play enough basketball, no matter if it’s a pick-up game or a pro league match. It’s a fact that there is no other way. The rebound is taken and you land on your opponent’s feet. You immediately have to hold your ankle. There are several ways to lower the risk. The most important is to wear a basketball shoe with proper ankle support.

Most people recommend the high-top shoe when choosing the right shoe for an ankle injury prevention. The evidence indicates otherwise Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support. Low-top shoes can also be used to stabilize your ankle and keep it in place after you land awkwardly.

Few basketball players are as skilled as those who have never broken an ankle. It doesn’t matter if you break your ankles with a vicious crossover, or if you fall on someone else’s foot after a layup.

You can decrease the chance of injuring your ankles with a pair basketball shoes that offer a lot of support. These shoes will improve your stability and prevent you from sustaining ankle injuries such as sprains.

Warning: You might need to get ankle support from your shoes if you have suffered a serious ankle injury, or if your ankles are spraining frequently.

To provide stability, many NBA players tape their ankles before each game.

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What Should you Look for in Basketball Shoes for Ankle Support?

Style is the most important factor in choosing a shoe that provides excellent support. We are avoiding low-cut or mid-cut shoes. The high-cut style will limit ankle movement.

This will cause some to feel less “free”, but the goal is to reduce the chance of ankle injuries. We don’t want the ligaments to be stretched too far, or for any other ankle injuries.

This is why we are going to get rid of about half the basketball shoes currently on the market. We will only be selling the best.

The second reason is that the best shoes have features that can help you get down awkwardly after a jump. Similar to the previous point, shoes that absorb energy from a fall can be ranked high on this list.

We will then look at some of the shoe components that fit into the ankle support conversation. However, this time we will do so with less urgency. Traction is the most important element. It will prevent any player from sliding and puts their ankle at risk of twisting.

Last specifications to be considered are the less-glamorous features that affect the quality of any shoe but do not necessarily relate to ankle support. These include comfort, weight, appearance, and price.

All of this being said, let’s now list the top 10 Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support that provide ankle support. It is important to determine how important you place importance on ankle support over something like weight. This will allow one to be more explosive.

There are many variations of the perfect shoe, so this list will not focus on the ankle support.

The Worst Basketball Ankle Injuries That You Can SEE Happening!

Who should get this?

Shoes with good ankle support are a must for anyone who plays basketball at any level. For those who have suffered from ankle injuries in the past, this is even more important. This extra protection helps to reduce potential problems and allows you play confidently.

Your ankle gets weaker every time you injure it. Shoes with support are essential for anyone who has ever broken or sprained their ankle. Even if you don’t have those issues, the support in the following shoes will make them useful for power forwards as well as centers.

1. Nike Air Maestro II Limited Men’s Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Maestro II Limited Men’s Basketball Shoes

This is our top pick! The Nike Air Maestro is a classic basketball shoe that has a vintage look and features that will help you dominate the court. The Full-length Nike Air unit is a distinctive feature of this shoe.

The soft cushioning makes the shoe feel lighter and protects the foot from the impacts of running up and down the basketball court.

This shoe is for you if you have Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support.

Take a look at these snares! The Air Maestro II sneakers are more expensive than other sneakers, as you can see. The Air Maestro II shoes allow basketball players to move quickly and cut on the court faster with improved ankle support, reducing the chance of injury.

The sneaker also features leather material, which will make it durable and long-lasting.

Nike Air Command Force basketball shoes will help you on the court. They can also be worn every day thanks to their 90’s design.

These shoes are a modernized version of the 1991 classics. Be aware that you are technically purchasing a shoe made today rather than one made in the early 1990’s.

  • Superior support for the ankle
  • Comfortable cushioning for your feet will be provided by lightweight materials
  • Arch protection is not enough. Impact protection makes up for it.
  • These sneakers may be too expensive for some buyers.
  • Some buyers find it irritating to sew on the inside
  • Small runs

2. Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier XIII

Nike Zoom LeBron Soldier XIII

Nike’s Zoom LeBron Soldier XIII, Nike’s solution to bad ankles is a great shoe. It is a premium Nike shoe so it comes at a high price. However, the style and explosion it offers make it well worth the money.

This shoe doesn’t have laces, but instead has a dual-layered strap system. The one strap rests low on your foot while the other attaches to your foot at the point where the laces would normally connect with your ankle.

The top ankle strap is the most important part of this shoe and provides you with all the support you need to go to court confidently. An extended tongue adds additional support to the ankle.

Multi-directional traction is a feature of the shoe that is good, but not great. For added grip, the outsole is made of durable rubber and features a herringbone pattern.

The Zoom LeBron Soldier XIII’s also have zoom units in the heel or forefront that provide cushioning and responsiveness. This is particularly helpful for players who are heavy enough to trigger the technology.

This is the area where the shoe will be most useful for big men with weaker ankles who prefer to stand near the rim.

  • Amazon has a rating of 4.5/5, which is quite high!
  • For most buyers, it is a good durability
  • There are six color options available
  • Some people find the price a little restrictive
  • Some buyers say that runs are too narrow

3. Men’s UA Curry 3 or 4 Lockdown Basketball Shoe

Men’s UA Curry 3 or 4 Lockdown Basketball Shoe

The UA Lockdown by Under Armour is the most affordable shoe on this list. It has everything you need in a basic basketball shoe.

This shoe is a follow-up to the Zoom Soldier IX. It doesn’t have the same aesthetic appeal as the flagship Nike shoe. It is extremely practical and comfortable Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support.

A snug, secure fit with high ankles This is the Curry Lockdowns. These shoes are made from synthetic and textile leather and have a futuristic, spaceman-like look (less so in black).

This deal has nine color options in very unique color combinations. The synthetic leather uppers provide excellent breathability.

The cushion of choice is Micro G. It offers more explosive power for take-off! The HOVR technology provides energy feedback and makes the shoe an all-round “techie” shoe.

  • The tallest ankle support available
  • 9 cool color combinations are available
  • Shoes under $100 include MicroG and HOVR
  • The most eye-catching of all our shoes (if you choose one of the brightest colors).
  • There is not a lot of feedback from Amazon users, so buyer beware!

4. Adidas Men’s Pro Bounce Basketball Shoes

adidas Men’s Pro Bounce Basketball Shoes

The adidas ProBounce basketball shoe is a unique looking shoe. The upper is 100% synthetic and provides a surprising amount of support from the front to the back and lateral sides compared to knit shoes. This shoe is also cheaper than a knit one, so it’s a win-win!

Users have complained about how difficult it is to slip this shoe on due to the high, long neck. But, it’s a small price to pay for the excellent support. That’s the reason you bought it. You can!

The sole provides excellent grip, according to most people, but not all. Another great thing about this shoe is that it offers wider feet a comfortable fit without excluding those with narrower feet. The lacing system allows for adjustments.

The outsole provides lateral support enhancements. As mentioned previously, the lateral support can be achieved even without any additional support wires or synthetic (non-stretch), fabric. Some people (very few) expressed disappointment that the shoes didn’t last as long as they were supposed to.

  • Amazing value for the quality you get
  • They are slightly lighter than other shoes in the same size.
  • Excellent lateral support, despite the lack of any additional upper lateral support material
  • It can be a long break-in period
  • It is not as long-lasting as you would like.
  • There are no color option.

5. Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

Nike Women’s Hyperdunk Basketball Shoes

Although Nike no longer makes Hyperdunks, the Nike Hyperdunk 2016 is still a great shoe. It has a stronger ankle support construction than either the 2017 or other versions. You can also get it in Flyknit or regular versions.

Despite the differences in appearance (Flyknit and regular), they work on a similar level. It is only a matter of preference as to what material you can afford or want.

Flyknit has a knitted collar type that provides ankle support. The normal version only has textile material that covers the ankle but does not provide much support. Flyknit is also more expensive.

The outsole features Nike multi-directional rubber patterning and offers some of the most traction among the list. This means that you should not have to worry about slipping or sliding at the expense of your ankle.

These shoes provide a lot of coverage for the ankle, but it is important to remember that they are not designed with the ankle in particular. These shoes are high-quality, stylish shoes that provide all the support you need.

If you can afford the Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most stylish and interesting shoes on the planet.

  • We have the tallest ankle support that we have ever seen!
  • 8 cool color combinations are available
  • This is the most striking shoe we have (if you pick the brightest colorways).
  • These are smaller than your usual size so make sure to order one that is larger than your usual size.
  • They are more snug and thinner than other shoes
  • Multiple users have reported that they can feel a bit “clunky” despite their tightness and tighter fit.

6. Under Armour Drive 4 Premium

Under Armour Drive 4 Premium

Under Armour Men’s Drive4 Premium Basketball Shoe

For those looking for extra support at the ankle, the Drive 4 is undoubtedly a top choice. The ankle collar is a serious feature. Once it’s tightened, it helps to support your lower leg.

The collar might be too stiff depending on your gait and comfort tolerance levels. The material is not stretchy or flexible enough to make you feel like it’s restricting your natural movement. However, it’s subtle.

One reviewer raved about the comfort of the ankle collar, while another stated that it was not comfortable and that it did not have enough “give”.

These shoes have been extensively tested before being released to the public. This ensures that they are not restricted in any way. This shoe is protected from any bending by a structural plate running from the forefoot up to the heel.

This version uses Micro G (foam cushioning), which is a good thing since it’s one the most popular cushions on the market. It is dense, responsive, and extremely durable.

The Drive 4 is the best in terms of traction. The Drive 4’s deep, grippy tread is extremely effective. However, it can be “too effective” if shoes aren’t laced tightly.

If the laces are tightened very tightly, your foot might move around in the shoe.

Overall, UA has a winner and it’s a steal at a bargain price! Again, it’s half the price of higher-end Nike models. UA has done it right. I would buy this if I didn’t already own more ball shoes than necessary.

  • We have never seen better ankle support!
  • There are 3 cool color options and material options, including Suede or leather & Textile.
  • Bootie-style full-length construction
  • These are smaller than your usual size so make sure to order one that is larger than you normally wear.
  • If the tongue is tied tight (as most people would),
  • it will not be thick enough to withstand pressure from round laces.
  • It is not a great place for ventilation

7. Adidas D Rose 7 Basketball Shoeadidas D Rose 7 Basketball Shoe

Adidas D Rose 7 is Adidas’ response to theNike Hyperdunk. These shoes are almost identical, down to the price and the fact there is a regular and knit version.

Adidas’ primeknit technology is used in the knitted version. It does not differ too much from Nike’s. This model doesn’t have the knitted ankle collar that Nike has.

The D Rose 7 primeknit doesn’t follow the same knitting principles as Nike. This shoe is a little more flexible and comfortable than the Hyperdunk because it has a lot of non-mesh material.

The shoe’s traction is excellent, similar to the Hyperdunk. It is also supported in every way Adidas can Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support. This shoe is named after Derrick Rose, so you can be sure there will be plenty of support to ensure your ankle doesn’t slip on a turn.

Overall, the shoe is high quality. However, it falls short in comparison to the Nike Hyperdunk, which is no longer in production. It is, however, a somewhat lesser model. These shoes are great for those who love Adidas or simply like the style.

  • For exceptional ventilation, the upper of adidas Prime Knit features adidas’ Prime Knit.
  • Construction that boosts energy return

  • Similar to the Nike Hyperdunk, but slightly less.
  • It’s a bit loose in the toe box but it is still comfortable

8. Adidas Crazy Explosive

adidas Crazy Explosive

adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basket Shoes

Adidas’ Crazy Explosive Sneakers are among the most impressive. They continue to follow the trend of having both a regular and a knit version.

The primeknit version of this shoe, which is similar to the D Rose 7 7’s, is not entirely knitted. Instead, it features a variety of synthetic materials combined with the knit. It is, however, not as flexible as a Nike knitted sneaker, but it provides good ankle support.

The knit version isn’t meant to support the ankles so I would steer clear of it. It is not as supportive as a thick sock, which is what it looks like.

If you are looking for ankle support, stick with the model you see in this review.

This shoe has a high traction rating due to its outsole material and patterning. The Crazy Explosive eliminates any fears that you might slip and damage your ankle in this way.

This shoe is truly a great choice. This shoe is one of the most comfortable and cushioned on the market. It fits snugly because the foot sleeves are made with care.

  • FUSEDMESH top for more support
  • Comparable to other competitors, light weight
  • For maximum energy return, use the Boost midsole
  • 5 Cool Color Options
  • Tight Toe Box

9. Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour Curry 3

Under Armour is updating their most successful and popular shoe with the support of Stephen Curry, their most well-known sponsor. Curry 3 is true to its name, the most advanced Under Armour technology.

If Stephen Curry wants to wear these shoes in game situations and represent them, then the Curry 3’s must have adequate ankle support.

Under Armour secured these shoes with their Threadborne upper. It is light and supportive. To provide stability when landing on jumps and to prevent excessive rollover motion, the shoe features a carbon fiber shank.

The Curry 3 is the most stylish Under Armour shoe, and it doesn’t even have support. It’s sleek and well-made Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support.

They are however quite expensive so you may want to consider Nike or Adidas models before purchasing these. There are many color options available. You can get them in bright red, maroon and 50 shades of gray (hmm white), black and even teal.

  • For excellent ventilation and support, ThreadBorne is the best choice.
  • 13 cool colors and materials
  • adidas’ “Metawing Plate” for foot stabilization
  • Although the shoe was loved by most users, not all liked the tight, sometimes loose fit.

10.  Nike Jordan Spike Forty Men’s Basketball Trainers

Nike Jordan Spike Forty Men’s Basketball Trainers

These shoes can be worn as a fashion statement or a basketball shoe. They are basketball shoes, but they look great. These shoes are very comfortable and provide excellent support with mesh uppers that don’t stretch.

To protect against sprained ankles, the high ankles can easily be tightened.

The footbed is well-padded for maximum impact and gameplay, and some owners say that break-in is virtually impossible!

Spike Lee will now have another pair of orange and blue sneakers to his name! This is his latest collaboration with Jordan Brand.

The Jordan Spike 40 sneaker has been seen at the Garden and Spike made his debut.

  • Comfortable footbed, overall feeling
  • Spike Lee’s shoe that combines fashion and function
  • It’s not just expensive
  • Mesh may not be as durable and long-lasting than many people think.

Useful Tips and Resources

Even if you do find the right Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support to support your ankle, it is important to be careful. A solid pair of ankle braces will give you the protection you need. If you are looking for more support, consider some of the best ankle braces.

You can also prepare your ankles in advance to ensure safety on the court. These tips from Dr. Michelle Wolcott can help you strengthen and train your ankles prior to or following an injury.

Ankle Support Basketball Shoes: Important Factors

Basketball is a fast-paced game. Players must move quickly in all directions. For quick swifts and side-ways movements, it is important to wear supportive shoes. This sport involves a lot jumping. To prevent ankle twisting during landing, good ankle support shoes are recommended.

Warning! If you have weak ankles, don’t buy flat shoes. You could get seriously injured and yell at the end of each day.

You might be wondering what this means of Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support. These are the features to consider when shopping for the best ankle support shoes.

1. Supportive Outsole

For proper protection, it is important to adjust the foot position. The supportive out sole helps to keep the foot in the correct position. It also supports the arch and allows for easy movement without placing too much pressure on your ankles.

2. Cushioning for the midsole

Cushions are designed to absorb shocks and protect against landing impacts. Good mid sole cushioning allows for smooth jumping without inflaming the ankles. It also provides a comfortable footbed.

3. Fit

Shoes should not be too tight, or too loose. Shoes that fit perfectly provide stability for landing and moving. If your foot is not allowed to move within the shoe, you will have to be focused on balance. To do this, you will need to strain your ankles in order to keep your foot in its place.

4. Traction

Because they place too much pressure on the Achilles Tendon, slippery or skiddy shoes can cause weak ankles. For ankle support, the best basketball shoes should provide solid anti-skid traction to ensure solid ground grip.

Final Verdict

Here’s are the Best High Top Basketball Shoes Ankle Support that provide great ankle support for basketball players can help prevent them from suffering serious injuries. Shoes without ankle support can lead to serious or temporary injury, which can stop an athlete from playing. To ensure the maximum support for the ankle, the best basketball shoes in 2021 are recommended. This will ensure that you are protected from any serious injury.

There are many shoes that claim to offer good ankle support. However, the majority of them don’t deliver. After performing several vertical jumps, we’ve compiled detailed reviews of the best ankle support shoes. Find out how high you can jump to dunk a basketball.

Nike shoes are excellent and provide support for the ankles. We recommend the Nike Air Jordan. This pair is great for ankle support and impact protection..

Finally, Nike Kyrie 6 basketball shoes are a great high-top support basketball shoe for the ankle. They have good midsole cushioning and fit true to size.

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